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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

New Kids on the Block

Updated! I have some newbies on my blogroll that are worth checking out!

  • Natalie at Forbidden Style has such an amazing perspective on life. She is a Brooklyn-born girl (like me!) who is going through a really rough time and dealing with it with grace, style, wit, and wisdom. Natalie is only 19 but is wise beyond her years. As soon as you start reading her posts, you'll wish you were friends with her. Oh, and she's gorgeous and loves MAC. Get over there!

  • Violet and Charlotte at Eyeshadow Government are like Beauty Addict uncensored. Their hilarious takes on waxing, mascara, and salves had me laughing out loud. They are somewhat new to the blogosphere so go visit them to welcome them to the world of beauty blogging!

  • Our Kiwi friend WendyWings has a gorgeous new look over at Wendy's Whimsies, designed by Web Divas. It is very "Hollywood Glamour" and I love it! Not only is Wendy witty and funny, she has the cutest kids.

  • Finally, I never thought it would happen but we now have the equivalent of Beauty Addict for the guys. It's called Male Detail and is written by a friend of mine (another Brooklynite) named Simon. He covers anything and everything related to male grooming and maintenance. Pass this one on to the men in your life!