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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bronzer for Pale People: MAC Solar Riche

When I first popped open my MAC Solar Riche Bronzing Powder and swept some across my cheeks, I had a curious feeling of deja vu. Was it the name? The packaging? The idea that I may just have tried too many bronzers and they all look the same now?

Turns out it was, indeed, the name. Solar Field was part of last summer's Solar Field collection, but was packaged in that shiny bright orange case that, for many of you, seemed to be a love-or-hate kinda thing.

This year's incarnation is housed in a dark, shiny deep gold compact with a leopard top and a metallic silver it! It's part of the Style Warrior collection, which I'm loving for the packaging as much as for the products.

So, the color. Well, MAC's site describes it as "mid-tone deep orange brown," which is about as off-putting as you can get, no? I mean, who would buy a bronzer that actually advertises itself as orange?

But honestly, the orange is more of a burnished peach, and the brown isn't dirty or muddy at all. This bronzer actually makes my pale self look like I have a real tan - that perfect combination of burn and tan that's terrible for your skin but great for your look. Not too brown, not too orange, not too pink.

On me, a full-face dusting would be too much, but a little bit on cheekbones, apples and nose does the trick. There's a tiny bit of pearl, but not enough to relegate this bronzer to nighttime-use-only status. Definitely day safe.

So if you're in the market for a new bronzer, snap up Solar Riche now before it disappears again! $21 at