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Friday, December 30, 2005

Thanks to Katie (Scentzilla) for the pretty graphic!
2005 is almost gone, and oh, what a year it's been! Annie of Blogdorf Goodman and Robin of Now Smell This came up with an idea to end the year with a bang - recap the Best of 2005 in fragrance and beauty. Here's my list of 10 favorite discoveries from the year that was 2005:

Bond No. 9 Eau de Noho: I became enamored of this gorgeous mix of violet leaves, linden, and cashmere woods just a few weeks ago at the Bond boutique. Since then it has already become one of my staple fragrances. It develops so uniquely on me, transforming from a cool rainy morning to a warm summer day right on my wrist.

Nars Eyeliner Pencil in Bamako is a beautiful deep aubergine with a brown base. It's a fun color, and a nice departure from everyday blacks and browns, but is understated enough to wear to work. The color is especially flattering with blue eyes. I like to pair it with neutral shadow (Nars All About Eve duo is a good one) and neutral lips (Nars Foul Play, in keeping with the Nars theme).

T3 Tourmaline Professional Ionic Straightener: If you have unruly hair or use a flat iron regularly, this is 100% worth the price. It heats up quickly and straightens my hair in half the time, leaving it soft and shiny instead of dry and brittle. The T3 is a vast improvement over any other straightener I have ever used.

L'Occitane Amande Shower Oil is the only thing that keeps my skin from dryness, itching, flaking, and cracking during these cruel winter months. It's rich, soft, has a bit of a lather in the shower, and smells divine without interfering with any creams or perfumes you might apply later. For my skin, this is the hydration equivalent of spending a week in a humid rainforest.

St. Tropez Self Tanner is the only one that doesn't turn my pale skin a lovely shade of Oompa Loompa orange. Yes, it's tinted the color of chocolate (to help you track where you've put it), it's messy, and it stinks to high heaven, but when people are asking you the next day if you've been on vacation, you won't care about the drawbacks.

Serge Lutens Datura Noir and Daim Blond: This was the year I discovered Serge, and 2 of them are now sitting proudly on my dresser. They smell absolutely gorgeous and I have taken to sampling them one on each wrist. I still owe full reviews of these, as they are very recent purchases, but I am love with both of them, and already starting the selection process for my third Serge.

Smashbox Fusion Lip Illusion: I couldn't possibly write a Top 10 list without a lip gloss, so I thought I'd go with one that's unique and versatile. This is a double-ended gloss with one sheer black side and one pearly white side. A quick swipe with the dark gloss deepens any lip color in your collection, and a layer of the pearly gloss lightens and adds shimmer. This little tube can triple your existing lip color options - it's unique, innovative and fun.

Fresh Satin Luster Palette: This little palette holds 3 shimmery highlighters in pale peach, pale dusty rose, and snowy white. I find myself reaching for this almost every day for a little extra sparkle. The highlighters are quite subtle, without even a hint of noticeable glitter. I love the white in the inner corners of my eyes and on browbones, the peach on cheekbones and above my upper lip, and the pink on the apples of my cheeks over blush (not all at the same time, of course!).

Creme de la Mer: 2005 was the year I finally gave in and purchased a jar of Creme de la Mer. I have not looked back since. CdlM is rich and luxurious, but miraculously, does not clog my pores the way most moisturizers do (I had been an oil-free loyalist prior to CdlM). My skin has never looked better - this is worth the splurge.

But the biggest highlight of the year, for me, came just a few hours ago! Far more beautiful than any perfume or lipstick out there is my godson William Brian Rice, who was born December 29, weighing in at 7 lbs 2 oz. His mom is my best friend from high school. I was fortunate enough to be with her throughout her labor, and also later on in the operating room during her (unplanned) cesarean section. I was the first to hold Will. It was a breathtaking and unforgettable moment - and by far my favorite memory of 2005.

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