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Monday, December 03, 2007

Jumpstart Your Beauty Routine: Every Man Jack Citrus Scrub

Last week I posted about my entire beauty routine going to the dogs, and just writing that post helped get me out of the rut and back into action. First order of business? That pasty, dry winter skin. I decided I would attempt to scrub off as much of it as possible and then take care of the "pasty" aspect with a healthy application of L'Oreal Sublime Glow.

From my arsenal of scrubs I chose Every Man Jack Citrus Scrub, for its excellent citrus scent, good scrubbing power, and incredibly economical price ($5 for 12 oz...at Target!). I had written about the matching soaps a couple of months ago, and the scrub is just as fab. Who cares that it's marketed to men? You can share it with your guy and both have baby-smooth skin.

The scent of this scrub is exactly what you need when you're trying to kickstart your beauty regimen - it's fresh, clean and invigorating (save anything remotely reminiscent of lavender or vanilla for when you need to relax, not energize). In fact, as Courtney from Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget observed, it smells remarkably like The Body Shop's Satsuma. Love it!

The Citrus Scrub isn't the thickest of the bunch, so to up its scrubbing power, I like to use it with loofah gloves. And when my fingertips arent strong enough, I make a fist and scrub with my knuckles (told you this was a serious mission!). After a good few minutes with this scrub, my skin is amazingly soft...and I've given my arms a workout to boot!

Next on the list? Getting some life back into my facial skin with a scrub/peel. And I've found an amazing one! Stay tuned...