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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Olive Oil, Inside and Out

We've been hearing about the benefits of the Mediterranean diet for years - cook with olive oil and stay healthy. But who knew it was good for your skin, too?

L'Occitane Creme de Douche Quotidienne a L'Huile d'Olive (translation: Daily Shower Cream with Olive Oil) gives you gorgeous, soft skin right in the shower - and it's a cleanser. When I use this I don't even need body lotion, so it's perfect for those weekday mornings when you linger in bed and then realize that you only have nanoseconds to get out of the house.

Only drawback? The color is a little funny, but at least it's authentic (it is the exact color of a green olive). So close your eyes, lather up, and emerge ready for the French Riviera. Or the office.

L'Occitane Olive Shower Cream, $17 at Sephora or L'Occitane stores.