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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Fekkai Keeps You on the Straight and Narrow

I have an entire drawer filled with hair products, and about 50% of these are balms, gels, cremes, serums -- all of which purport to straighten the hair even on the most humid of days.

Now it's time to throw most of them out, because I think I've found the only one that actually works. Fekkai Straight Away is blue heaven in a tube. Just a tiny bit before blow-drying actually keeps my hair straight, even in the rain. I've tested it on vacation, and was surprised to see that my hair resisted the urge to turn into a poodle-like mess - even in the sticky climates of Puerto Rico, Mykonos, and Miami.

It works so well that when I want the ends of my hair to curl a little, I avoid getting the Straight Away on them, or my ends will be like sticks.

I'm not sure what the magic ingredient is -- probably some super-polymer-anhydrous-epoxy-gobbledy-gook -- but I don't care. It just works!