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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Gorgeous Makeup at the SAG Awards

Because we are fair and balanced over here (well, at least more so than Fox News), now that we've considered the bad, here are the best from last Sunday's SAG Awards:

Geena Davis. For once, her lips do not arrive on the red carpet before the rest of her does. This lip color is far more flattering than the bright red she often sports on Commander in Chief. Here she looks fresh, pretty, and young. Go Thelma!

Maggie Grace. The Lost girls are rocking the red carpet, consistently. Evangeline and Cynthia looked amazing at the Golden Globes, and I love Maggie's look at the SAG Awards. Her skin looks amazing, and her brown smokey eye is soft and flattering.

Kyra Sedgwick. Beautiful, beautiful cheeks and lips, with eyes that are neither over- or under-done. This is a perfect example of a balanced face. I love the soft rosy lip color - that and the pink blush make her look fresh and glowy, especially next to her neutral dress. And I am incredibly envious of the hair!

Marcia Cross. Stunning. Marcia looks like she's made of porcelain. Flawless skin, and makeup colors that complement her hair, eyes, and alabaster complexion. I have not seen her make a misstep yet - on Housewives, on the red carpet, anywhere. Perhaps it is impossible for this woman to look bad.