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Friday, July 07, 2006

Femme Fatale

I'm a loyalist, friends. I've long been faithful to my beloved mascara, L'Oreal Voluminous. But a few weeks ago, a little bag arrived at my door that changed everything.

The bag contained a little miracle in a tube called Fatale by Lancome.

Fatale is daring; even its tagline makes lofty promises. "Exceptional Volume Sculpting 3D Comb Mascara." I had long ceased to put any faith in such claims, especially when I'd unscrew the tube so hopefully, only to be met with an anemic little brush and a too-thin or too-thick formulation.

When I opened my tube of Fatale, though, it wasn't disappointment that greeted me; it was shock. I thought I'd gotten a defective tube when I first saw the brush, which isn't really a brush at all. It's a 3-sided comb with little reservoirs between each comb. After the first use, though, shock gave way to admiration and awe. Fatale built up my lashes like nothing I'd ever used before. They were thick, lush, and very, very black, without that Tammy Faye look.

Fatale has lasted through entire humid days and nights with nary a smudge or flake. I am in love! But, the unconventional applicator does take some getting used to, so here are some tips from the company that will come in handy:

  • The reservoirs between the combs hold an ample amount of product so start by placing the teeth of one of the combs at the base of the lashes and comb through.
  • There is no need to double dip the wand since the reservoirs will hold enough product for multiple coats.
  • To add volume with a second coat or to “wing” the outer lashes, simply use an alternate comb without double dipping the wand.