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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Someone in Marketing Should Be in Trouble

When Sephora first launched the "Sephora Piiink" line, all I could think of was a certain character from The Lord of the Rings yammering on about "my precious!" It does sound like that, no? But I chalked it up to the company trying to be young and playful and reach out to a more youthful market.

But now, it appears that the geniuses behind Piiink are actually trying to reposition a brown eyeliner as a freckle-and-beauty-mark-maker. Meet Piiink My Loveliii Freckles. From the website:

"This ultra fine pencil makes it simple to line your eyes and lips with subtle, natural definition. Sharpener included. To use: Line and define lips as you would with any pencil liner. To create a beauty mark or freckle, sharpen the pencil to a super sharp point, then gently press the tip to your skin and give it a gentle "twist." Repeat until the desired depth and effect are achieved."

Now this I just can't understand.

We know it's an eye/lip pencil - it's right there in the usage instructions - so it's not as if it's something new and innovative. As for the freckles/beauty marks, are they crazy? Can you imagine accidentally rubbing your hand across your face and leaving a comet trail of "beauty mark" on your cheek?

And the freckles...good grief. Half the people who have them are trying to fade them, and here comes Piiink with a product that could only create the speckled effect of a Raggedy Ann doll or Strawberry Shortcake cartoon.

Methinks someone in Piiink marketiiing needs a talkiiing-to!