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Monday, April 14, 2008

Madonna Madness: May 2008

Madonna graces the cover of not one, not two, but three major magazines this May (click the image to enlarge). She and her publicist must be working overtime promoting Hard Candy!

The left image is from US Elle, and the middle one is UK Elle. The US version is looking a bit too Manor-Living, Annoying-Faux-British-Accent Madonna to me. The UK cover looks more like classic Madonna; brash, in your face, and fierce. And a rockin' bod! I also love the stark black and white photo and red text. This one gets my vote!

The one on the right is Vanity Fair's annual Green Issue. Madonna looks smokin', but this cover just can't compare to last year's issue with Leonardo DiCaprio and the adorable orphan polar bear Knut. But hey, at least they didn't put Al Gore on the cover. Al is not ready for his close-up these days.

Which Madonna cover is your favorite? (Only the winning cover will compete against the others in the Favorite May Cover vote.)