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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Whip Your Hair Into Shape With Sebastian

Is it weird that I've been drawn in by the advertising on my own site? I saw an ad for Sebastian Whipped Creme running in the sidebar, and thought to myself, "wait a minute, don't I have some of that in the house?" And I did! I think it may have arrived over the summer as part of a promotional box from Allure, but in any case, it was there, and I had completely forgotten about it.

Whipped Creme is billed as a "light conditioning style whip" that's applied to damp hair like mousse. "Air dry for sleek waves, blow dry for tousled waves, or set hair for glamorous, bouncy curls." Well, I was planning on blow drying and then ironing, but was hoping to get some extra volume and bounce out of the deal -- especially at the roots.

Taken in by the full, bouncy hair of the model in the ad, I grabbed my can of Whipped Creme and went to work on my freshly washed, wet hair. First impressions: Whipped Creme has a notched nozzle, just like a can of Reddi Wip. Ha, Whipped Creme...I get it.

Anyhow, I was expecting it to dispense like any other mousse, and was caught totally off guard when a perfect meringue of creamy, very shiny product appeared in my palm. Whipped Creme doesn't have the texture of mousse at all; it feels more like one of those moisturizers you see marketed as a body souffle. I thought it would be too thick and weighty for my hair, but once I started working with it, I realized it was lighter than it looked (seriously, it looked like a shiny little meringue, and it felt like one, too...lighter than it appears).

After working the product through my hair, and adding a little heat protectant for good measure, I blow-dried and ironed as usual. My hair definitely had more volume; it felt thicker, smoother, more substantial. By the end of the day it still had volume at the roots. And, I credit Whipped Creme for helping my ends stay the way I like them -- slightly flipped under.

Check out Whipped Creme in action in this video from Nylon TV, and see Cory Kennedy behind the scenes of her shoot as the new face of the product:

Sebastian Whipped Creme, $19 at salons, or about $16 from a few online retailers, like this one.