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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

That Spa Smell: Erno Laszlo Gentle Body Exfoliator

The spa smell. You know it? It's that somewhat undefinable mixture of cucumber, citrus, and vague aromatherapy-like notes that you can't quite put your finger on, but the first word that comes to mind is always "spa."

(Secret: Sometimes, the second term that comes to mind when I get a whiff of this scent is "rich people." Don't ask.)

I'm a major sucker for beauty products with the spa smell (not to be confused with the Aveda Smell, which is also spa-like, but in a different way, and equally delicious).

And this very scent is the primary reason I'm loving Erno Laszlo Gentle Body Exfoliator these days. The contents of this unassuming white tube make your skin -- and your bathroom -- smell deliciously of spa (richpeoplerichpeople).

Now, for the important details. This lovely scrub has a medium-weight gel texture and is packed with fine exfoliating grains that feel appropriately scratchy without ripping your skin up. It's particularly well-suited for use as a pre-tan scrub, since it doesn't leave any oily residue on your skin.

The only drawback is the price; at $38 for 6.7 oz it's a bit of an indulgence (IN THIS ECONOMY!!! FOR CHRISSAKES!!! Ha). But hey, if you feel the way I do about the spa smell, at least you'll feel rich while using it, even if your wallet's empty.