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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How Low Can You Go? Bliss Introduces New Shower Gel, Drops Price

I've long been a fan of Bliss bath & body products, especially the Vanilla + Bergamot and Blood Orange + White Pepper scents. They're not cheap, but I was always willing to shell out for the fabulous scrubs and world-class body butters.

The shower gels, though? Not so much. $24 for 8.4 oz was a little more than I was willing to pay. I'll cough up the cash for Jo Malone, but for a "fun" brand like Bliss, no thanks.

Well, looks like those old shower gels are being phased out entirely, with new Soapy Suds Body Wash + Bubbling Bath in their place. Soapy Suds, available in Lemon + Sage, Vanilla + Bergamot, and Blood Orange + White Pepper, come in oversized 16 oz pump bottles and will set you back only $18.

That's HALF the price, per ounce, of the original shower gels. Good move, Bliss!

I'm wondering, though, how the new differs from the old. Are the Soapy Suds thinner? Less intensely scented? I'll be finding out soon, as I fully intend to pick up a Vanilla + Bergamot on my next shopping trip.

In addition to these new Soapy Suds, there are also gigantor value sizes of Lemon + Sage Body Butter (32 oz!) and Fabulous Foaming Body Wash, and twin packs of the full size body butters for $49 (when purchased separately, they'd be $70).

To see a brand like Bliss going the bargain route is an interesting surprise, and certainly a sign of the times. Would you be more willing to snap up Bliss products now that the price points are lower?