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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Victoria's Secret Has Pulled a Bait and Switch

What's up with Victoria's Secret these days? Not only has the lingerie line begun to skew super-young, with oodles of cutesy pink cotton things that say PINK across the arse, the beauty section has gone completely nuts.

I was so excited a couple of years ago when Victoria's Secret Beauty announced that it would begin carrying a host of other brands, from Fekkai and Stella McCartney to DuWop and Scott Barnes. Well, it's beginning to feel like that was just a setup to introduce new Victoria's Secret brand items, as these fab brands were quickly swapped out in favor of new VS goods.

As soon as the Very Sexy makeup line launched, all the other makeup brands disappeared from the stores. They launched some new in-house fragrances (including the incredibly insipid and stupidly named Supermodel) and all the bottles of Stella and Anna Sui promptly vacated the shelves. They even swapped out Booty Parlor for their own line of "sexy" bath and body products, which are no match for the cheeky-sexy-luxe Booty Parlor line.

To be fair, though, Victoria's Secret does make one of my very favorite nail polishes (Vexed) and I am still a sucker for my high school staple, Heavenly body mist (guilty pleasure alert). But I was happy to see them coexist next to some of my favorites from other brands.

The worst part is that all the additional brands are still carried on the website, making you think you'll be able to get them in stores as well. But then when you walk in to pick up a tube of Revolotion or one of those fab Booty Parlor body shimmers, you're just bombarded with the teenage-oriented mess that is the "new" Victoria's Secret Beauty. I feel like I've been duped.

They still carry Fekkai in the stores, but that is about all when it comes to outside brands. What a disappointment! Integrating additional brands into Bath & Body Works stores seems to have been a huge success, so why couldn't it work for Victoria's Secret?

Have you noticed this too? Post your thoughts in the comments!