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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Tone Up With Arcona Triad Pads

Let's start out with a little math:

Toner already in a pad > Toner in a bottle that you have to apply to a pad.

ARCONA Triad Pads are soaked with hydrating, toning, cleansing, and excellent-smelling Cranberry Toner. Just pull one out of the jar to remove excess makeup, tone and hydrate after cleansing, or refresh your face after a workout or a good night's sleep.

And why use a toner, you ask? Well, these Triad Pads are packed with a host of skin-loving ingredients: antimicrobial cranberry (containing vitamins, phyto-nutrients and essential fatty acids), Vitamin E tocopherols and tocotrienols, Omegas 3, 6 and 9, and rice milk. Plus, well, they just feel really, really good.

Now, I'm finding this to be the case with every Arcona product I try...I'm in love with the scent. These toner pads smell like candy! More specifically, they have the sweet-tart smell of old fashioned pastilles in a little Victorian tin. Sweet, refreshing, and luxurious.

(One note, though: if you test them out and hate the smell, stop right there. Don't buy them. Because you'll notice the scent on your face for a while after applying. It sticks around a while.)

At $30 for 45 pads, they're not exactly cheap, but you can get a ton of extra mileage out of them by cutting them in half. Seriously, they're so soaked with toner that there was still plenty left over when I finished my face and neck. I would have been fine with just half a pad!