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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Comptoir Sud Pacifique Coeur de Vahine

OK, I was going to try to stick to makeup and related items, but I just can't resist posting about fragrance. You really can't be a true beauty addict unless you're a fragrance addict, too.

Coeur de Vahine from Comptoir Sud Pacifique is my current favorite. It has such a unique smell and people comment whenever I wear it. There's some citrus in there, some flowers, some vanilla, and then the really interesting part...cinnamon. It is so yummy!

By the way, Comptoir Sud Pacifique in itself is addictive. All the fragrances come in plain little aluminum bottles with cute labels (see picture above), and they all smell like vacation. Coeur de Vahine is my favorite, but I also love Vanille Passion and Vanille Abricot (go ahead, buy it...and smell like a star...I hear that Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears love it too! Seriously! I read enough celebrity tabloids to know that).

Only the partial line is available at Sephora. You can see the full line at the company's website.