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Friday, September 30, 2005

Thierry Mugler's Alien Invasion

Oooh, something new from Thierry Mugler, who brought us of the most polarizing scents ever to waft by my nose. On some people, it smells unique, rich and wonderful...and on others, it becomes something else entirely. On my mother, it smells like broccoli within 10 minutes of spritzing it on.

The new one is called Alien and I am on a mission to sample it. It's described as having woodsy-amber notes fused with florals, and hints of green notes and orange blossom.

Hmmm. I'm interested to see what Mr. Mugler has in store for us this time. My plan is to track it down at Neiman Marcus, apply, and check the scent periodically throughout the day. I will post the progress here, and hopefully the day won't end with me saying that it dries down to broccoli, Chinese food, or something worse.

At any rate, the bottle is quite cool. We shall see...