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Friday, September 09, 2005

NARS Multiplicity

While searching for my phone charger in the car today, I discovered an orphaned stick of NARS The Multiple in South Beach. Miraculously, despite the nasty summer heat, it had not melted! (This not-melting thing seems to be a trend with me these days; see I Heart Tourmalines, Part 2.) I had kept it in my car for emergency touch-ups, but promptly forgot about it, so there it sat.

That stick was one of multiple Multiples in my possession (they are addictive). I love South Beach on cheeks (and a little bit on nose, chin, and forehead); it makes me look like I might actually have a tan, if that is possible! Antibes is a great dusty pink blush and even a good lipstick base, and Copacabana is an amazing highlighter. It's a creamy-pearly-beigey-white; ok, I know that sounds like crazy talk, but all you makeup addicts out there will understand! Try a little on your browbones, the inner corners of your eyes, and a tiny bit above your cheeks, around your eye sockets. It's subtle and just makes you look happy and healthy!

The Multiple is so great, my mom has stolen two of them from me: one of my South Beaches, and Cannes (a great blush for fall).

Another trick I love with Copacabana: for nighttime, use a little on your collarbones. To get it in the right spot, stand in front of the mirror and shrug your shoulders all the way forward. Your collarbones will show (it looks a little bit skeletal and scary, but you'll get the highlighter in the right place!). Apply a little Copacabana to your collarbones, blend, and relax. Pretty!