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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Plump It Up: Five Fab Lip Plumpers

Those of you who know me know about my recent obsession with lip plumpers. The original, Lip Venom, hit the market a while back and I just had to try it. Since then, I've slicked on every shiny, tingling concoction that purports to turn the average girl into Angelina Jolie.

I must say that Lip Fusion is the best I've tried. It tingles a little but doesn't make your lips feel like they're on fire. It may just be my imagination, but they do look plumper. Now you can get Lip Fusion in colors, too. Pink ladies like me will like Blush.

Philosophy Big Mouth is the runner-up. It burns a little, but it works, and it smells good.

Lip Venom is good, but not the best. It doesn't really last. Venom Flash is nice -it has some glitter.

LORAC Lip Addiction (love the name) in Super Hot BURNS!!! The result is not worth the pain unless you're a masochist. Beware! I haven't tried the milder version yet, though. I'll keep you posted. Unless my lips fall off.