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Friday, September 16, 2005

Take It or Leaf It

Mid-September already? Say it ain't so!

I'm holding on to summer with regular spritzes of Summer by Kenzo, which really does smell like summer. It's in a pretty leaf-shaped bottle and it's the color of sunshine! It reminds me of the way freshly-washed hair smells when the sun shines on it and heats it up....all fresh, clean, warm and yummy. It's light, and doesn't clash with the scents of most body lotions or shampoos (unless you're using something super-potent). Sephora lists the notes as: Bergamot, Citron, Mimosa, Violet, Almond Milk, Musk, Cedar, Styrax. Yum!

Side note, I had a near-empty bottle in my apartment, and the maids broke it when they came in to clean. Since it was almost empty, I didn't say anything, but I returned the next week to find that the building management replaced it with a brand new bottle. Score!