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Monday, September 26, 2005

Think Pink with These Lipliners from Urban Decay and NARS

There's a problem with lipliners. Don't use them, and your lipstick bleeds. Too light, they make your lipstick look chalky. Too deep, they just turn your lips brown. Experts recommend buying a neutral-colored liner, to match the shade of your natural lips, but all the "neutral" shades I've encoutered are just plain brown when it comes down to it - and my lips are pink! The brown tones are fine under dark lipsticks and glosses, but when you're wearing light shades or pink, they just tend to turn everything brown and ruin the color.

So, I started experimenting with pink-toned liners. Some of them were downright hideous, some some were too bright, and some didn't show up at all. However, I've found two that make the grade:

Urban Decay Lip Pencil in Lounge is a neutral (yes!) dusty pink that blends right in with your lips (if they're naturally pink like mine) and doesn't change the color of your lipstick. Apparently others share my opinion here, because I've just found out that Lounge is on backorder! While it's out, the Illegal shade is also a good option.

Nars Lipliner Pencil in Miss Sadie is a shimmery medium pink. Ever notice how matte liners sometimes ruin the shimmer of a good gloss? This one doesn't! It's also great for filling in the whole lip and then topping with clear gloss.