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Monday, October 03, 2005

Everyone Loves a Mimosa, Part 2

Last week I extolled the virtues of L'Occitane Mimosa shower gel (see Everyone Loves a Mimosa). Since then, I've become hooked on the matching body lotion. The fragrance is a little stronger and longer-lasting than the shower gel, but not overpowering -- it's light enough that it won't clash with most fragrances. Friday I wore it with Summer by Kenzo and today with Stella, and the lotion blended right in. It's a light floral that just smells pretty and clean.

Plus, it's more of a milk than a lotion, so you can spread it around without getting greasy. It absorbs quickly and feels wonderful. Next on the list is the Mimosa candle...I really can't get enough of this!