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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Nostalgic Fragrances: Everything Old is New Again

Y'all know I love me some Hermes, Annick Goutal, and Chanel fragrances. But sometimes, nothing can beat the old standby that you wore years and years ago, before there was Sephora, before you could get anything you wanted on the Internet. Before I had a paycheck and could afford the nicer stuff.

The first one is Love's Baby Soft. Ahh, that rounded pink bottle. I first discovered Baby Soft in a set of all the Love's fragrances, most of which I don't think they even make anymore. But Baby Soft has survived the test of time. This is the one you wore in that funny in-between period of girlhood - when you first moved away from sampling Mom's perfume, before you went on your first date, when you wanted to be girly and grown-up at the same time. I need to get myself a bottle of this. Sometimes after a bad day at work I get the feeling that it would be comforting.

My other nostalgic favorite is Skin Musk. I remember when this used to be made by Bonne Bell. I sent away for makeup from them (this was when I was first experimenting with makeup...the makings of a monster), and the set came with a little bottle of Skin Musk. It smelled like flowers, musk, and sandalwood...but not overpowering. It would just melt into your skin and warm up...I remember dabbing a little on my arm and then wanting to bury my nose in it. It's hard to believe that Skin Musk is now made by Prince Matchabelli, the same people who make Wind Song (yuck). Somehow it takes away from the innocence of this old favorite. But heck, it still smells the same.

Incidentally, I hear that Sarah Jessica Parker was a longtime loyalist to Skin Musk, and that it was one of the inspirations for her own fragrance, Lovely.