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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Reality TV: Lip Glosses that Pass the Screen Test

Last night I hopped on the Acela to Washington DC to participate in a videoconference with some clients in Taiwan (oh yes, it all felt terribly important until I realized that the thing was scheduled to go past midnight).

This videoconference was set up such that we could see the guys in Taiwan, and we could also see ourselves, on an accompanying screen. I couldn't help but steal a few glances at myself (oh come would, too). Hair, check - quite shiny thanks to a last-minute application of Chi Silk Infusion. BCBG suit, pale aqua James Perse cowlneck, and tweed Casadei heels, check. Quite the hot business outfit. Makeup...hmmm...the videoconference equipment wasn't exactly Hollywood quality, so I, along with everyone else, looked a bit washed out.

I decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to test lip glosses for TV-worthiness. Hey, I wanted to look good on camera, and I needed a way to amuse myself during the 4 hour long, late night conference! I snuck out before it began, rooted around my makeup bag for the shiniest glosses, and made a plan to switch shades at every bathroom break, for evaluation purposes, of course.

Tested: Lip Fusion Color Shine in Blush, Stila It Gloss in Humorous, Chanel Glossimer in Pagoda (regular visitors will know that I swear by all three).

The clear winner: Stila It Gloss in Humorous. The shine factor beat the others by a mile, it stayed on between bathroom breaks, and the bronzy-apricot color showed up on camera without looking garish.

Keep it in mind for your next TV appearance, paparazzi ambush, or even an unglamorous videoconference. There's no reason you shouldn't feel like a star even when you're discussing international tax laws!