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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Childlike Empress

Oh, the thrill of opening a box full of your favorite goodies! I remember the feeling from childhood and it still makes my spirit soar. Whether it was a new set of Legos, one of those art sets with all the pencils and paints, a stamp kit, the newest 64 bazillion color box of Crayolas, new Barbie outfits, or a chemistry set, there was just something special about opening that box and knowing that everything you needed would be laid out before you in perfect order. I recall many Christmas mornings where I was so in awe that I was reluctant to even remove anything from the box, lest I disturb the perfection before my eyes.

I felt that way when I first laid eyes on the new Grand Collection from Stila. This is sure to bring that delicious childlike thrill to any makeup addict. The dark blue box opens like a jewelry box, revealing oodles Stila goodies, including midnight bloom fragrance, major lash mascara, SIX lip glazes (apricot, vanilla, cranberry, fruit punch, star fruit and mocha), two glaze lip liners (mocha and pink), all over shimmer #9, three eye shadows (kitten, grace and espresso), cheek color in rose, and three eye brushes (base, crease and liner). This is $350+ worth of product packed into a pretty little box, and it's all yours for $160.

I definitely want to see this under the tree this year. I think I might spend the entire morning with the box in my lap, just admiring all the goodies!

* I'm hoping that many of you will recognize where I got the title of this post. If you do, post it in the comments!