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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Gorgon of the New Jersey Turnpike

The Gorgon Medusa, in all her snake-haired gloryLong story short: this morning I woke up and thought I was Medusa.

I finally finished packing up the penthouse-apartment-in-the-city-which-shall-remain-nameless last night, and then went to a going away party in my honor. (Me! and I am usually the party planner. It was surreal.) The stowing away of all my bedding was no easy task. The featherbed that I just HAD to have didn't seem to want to fold up to its original size. Neither did the down comforter. Or the extra-cushy mattress pad. Backbreaking labor, I tell ya. Why oh why did I have to have luxury bedding?

When I arrived at the party I felt I had earned a couple of glasses of wine. However, the wine, coupled with the packing-induced fatigue, left me in a zombie-like state upon returning home. I then remembered that I had to be on the road at 5:45 this morning to get back to New York in time for a normal workday.

The condition of my face upon awakening this morning at 5:15 was absolutely horrific. Drained of all color, sallow, and with ugly little purple undereye circles. I could not even bear to look at myself in the mirror, nevermind allow a gas station attendant, Starbucks barista, or doorman to gaze upon my Medusa-ness. My slept-on hair was even a little bit snakelike, just to add to the look.

Still half asleep, I fumbled for the trusty little container of Bare Escentuals i.d. bareMinerals Multi-Tasking Minerals in Clear Radiance. It's a glowy, peachy-pink loose powder that banishes pasty, post-party sallowness. I managed to connect powder to brush and brush to face, and in a few seconds, I wasn't so hideous anymore. In fact, I looked like I had actually slept. Well. For 8 hours.

This is such a must-have. I truly believe that it prevented the deaths of the gas station attendant, Starbucks barista, and doorman. Without it, they would have seen me and turned to stone.