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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

History Repeats Itself...Again

Escada Pacific ParadiseI had the opportunity to sample the new limited edition fragrance from Escada today. Granted it was a scent strip in December Vogue, so not the best way to test, but it was enough to prove to me that Pacific Paradise smells eerily similar to all of its Escada limited edition predecessors.

In case you're not familiar, every other season or so, Escada markets a new Fashion fragrance. They're always in happy-looking bottles, and they're always described as "fruity, floral, citrus." All three. Every time. It began in 2002 with Sexy Graffiti (which remains my favorite), followed by Tropical Punch, Ibiza Hippie, Island Kiss and Rockin' Rio - maybe not in that order, but you get the point. Here's the puzzling thing: while the notes listed for each fragrance are different, somehow they all smell the same. I've been able to detect some different elements in each one, but I really think that they start with the same base notes every year and then tweak them. It's intriguing and disappointing at the same time.

Also, none of them have any staying power whatsoever; they disappear after a couple of hours. I think Escada is smart. They give you a splashy marketing campaign and a weak fragrance that ensures you will finish the bottle in time for the next installment to appear. I am a sucker. I have been taken in by the marketing machine that is Escada. This is a cry for help, people!

In any case, Pacific Paradise is pleasant enough. One would imagine that Malibu Barbie would smell like this. It's young, happy and sunny (like the bottle, of course). On top of the usual "fruity, floral, citrus" base I can pick out a few new notes - lime, banana, sandalwood. However, I don't pick up on any coconut sorbet, and I don't know what a Physalis fruit is (both are listed as notes).

I will probably buy this, because the lime note is interesting to me, and let's face it...I already own all of its predecessors. Gotta keep the collection alive!