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Saturday, November 19, 2005

How Can They See With Sequins In Their Eyes?

Madonna and her diamond-encrusted lashesNo more equestrian getups, flowered dresses or tweed for our girl Madonna. The Material Girl is back (again) and has reinvented herself in some crazy, shiny, feathered-hairdo 1970's fashion (Seldom Nice Nowadays says Marilu Henner; The Manolo says Little Lord Fauntleroy).

I'm not a fan of the abundance of purple in her new wardrobe, but I am entranced by the ridiculously lavish false eyelashes she's been sporting lately. They were created by Madge's makeup artist Gina Brooke, with Shu Uemura mink eyelashes and loose diamonds. One set was made for the stage, with the diamonds affixed along the lashline, and the other for interviews, with the diamonds scattered along the tips of the lashes. I hear they're worth a hideous amount of money at nearly US$40,000.

For die-hard Madonna fans who want to recreate this look, or for anyone attending a Studio 54 reunion party, Shu Uemura is now offering false lashes with sparkly diamante jewels along the lashline. Available for $25 at

Extra credit to anyone who can name the Broadway tune the post title comes from...