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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I Want A Yacht and Really, That's Not A Lot

Eartha Kitt Santa Baby"Santa baby, just slip a sable under the tree, for me
been an awful good girl, Santa baby
so hurry down the chimney tonight"

Who can forget the holiday anthem of the luxurious woman? Eartha Kitt's purring voice made you believe it was indeed ok to put a yacht, a platinum mine, a duplex apartment, and other goodies on your Christmas list. You've been an awfully good girl, haven't you? I have...and I've put some special beauty goodies on my dream Christmas list.

The first one is the T3 Evolution hair dryer. At $300 it's no bargain, but after splurging on the T3 straightener (and loving it) I think it's time to upgrade my dryer, too. I must admit that I am seduced by the list of features the T3 Evolution has to offer: infrared heat, speedy service (dries hair 70% faster than conventional dryers), lightweight, and tourmalines infused right into the dryer (chemistry buffs: tourmaline has a negative charge, and the negative ions are apparently good for your hair. I choose not to question the science. The T3 straightener works better than anything I've ever tried and that is proof enough for me). The dryer claims to eliminate frizz and static and add shine, without drying out your hair.

And of course it has 1800 watts of power. This is a high-performance device, friends! I am just a sucker for power tools. I know that this is a rather excessive piece of equipment, but I just can't help it. It's the holidays and I've been listening to too much Eartha Kitt. Next, the yacht!