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Thursday, November 17, 2005

More Goss from Yesterday's OSM Launch

(Click here to see my original post on the OSM event, with plenty of commentary)

The Internets are abuzz with chatter, friends, relating to yesterday's launch of Open Source Media. I sat on a panel that inspired some interesting and occasionally disdainful comments. Here are some of my favorite excerpts; click the names to read the full stories:

Sense of Soot: "...Rounding out is Kristen of Beauty Addict who is unapologetic and inspired by her expenditures."

Atlas Shrugs: "The first panel on fashion/beauty blogs was weak, silly and somewhat demeaning to smart women (actually to all women)..." [Update: read the comments section in my previous post. Pamela has clarified what she said here, and I quite agree with her now. And do visit her site! She is a smart, articulate, and incredibly well-dressed woman.]

The Manolo: "...the Kristen, who the Manolo thought was quite funny, was also on the panel."

All Things Beautiful: "Gorgeous Kristen @ Beauty Addict, who is a tender 24 year old blogger, was beauty live blogging as a part of a fashion panel...and thought the political bloggers were rather dismissive."

The Young Curmudgeon: "This panel was one of the most bizarre spectacles I've ever witnessed and would justify an epic-length post in and of itself."

Richard Landes: "The situation became particularly surreal when the nice looking blonde girl on the panel, began talking about the make-up styles of celebrities."

Dave Johnston: "...we’re all treated to this bomb by author (and NY Times writer) Elizabeth Hayt: “I think blogging is absurd. It’s a hobby for rich people with too much time on their hands.”

There is also a picture of Elizabeth, Kim, and myself on Yahoo News. I think I look wretched but hey, I'm still in the picture. Alexandra from All Things Beautiful still says I'm gorgeous. Notice how Kim and I are having a grand old time up there while Elizabeth scowls on:

Elizabeth Hayt, Kim Weinstein and Kristen Kelly get famous at the OSM launch