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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Anna Wintour Must Be Stopped

Sienna Miller on the cover of January Vogue. She's the only redeeming feature of this issue!I received the January '06 issue of US Vogue today, and I must say I am incredibly disappointed! The January issue is traditionally a slim volume, but this one is so skinny, it's more like US Weekly than Vogue.

Sienna Miller is on the cover and looks, of course, gorgeous. I must admit that the interview and the photo spread are also lovely. However, the only other worthwhile item in the magazine is a breathtakingly original Dior coat on p. 96 - a beautiful nude distressed-edge twill with a black lace bustier overlay (Annie, are you listening?).

The rest of the pages are full of the socialite-worshipping, ridiculous crap with which Anna has notoriously polluted the magazine, especially in recent years. I am so very tired of looking at pictures of Anh Duong and Sloan Lindemann, and reading vapid interviews with Lauren du Pont.

In an even more heinous crime, Vogue names Kirsten Dunst one of the best dressed lasses of 2005. Yes, the same Kirsten Dunst who has yet to be introduced to those marvelous inventions, the brassiere and the hairbrush. She is featured in the magazine wearing a Christian Lacroix frock that looks like a bag with a ribbon wrapped around it twice. This is unforgivable. (If you don't believe me about La Dunst, head over to Go Fug Yourself and see the photos of her in hideous getups throughout the year). Incidentally, I have met Kirsten Dunst and can personally say that she is undeserving of a Best Dressed honor.

We also have Selma Blair on the best dressed list, sporting a horrifying reinvention of Dorothy's gingham dress from The Wizard of Oz. Unfortunately, this monstrosity comes to us from Marc Jacobs. I intend to forgive him for this.

Mephistopheles?The last bastion of sanity and enjoyment in Vogue, Jeffrey Steingarten's column about food, is missing from the January issue. And even the ad pages are boring and unspiring, the exception being a Roberto Cavalli ad with Kate Moss.

I am beginning to believe that Maria Bustillos is on to something with her theories about Anna Wintour.