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Friday, December 02, 2005

Dirty Little Secret

I'm afraid I've been keeping a secret from you. But I swear it wasn't on purpose! A few weeks ago I bought something fabulous and became so enamored of it that I forgot to post a review.

The Becca Holiday Set...so pretty and A BARGAINIt's the Becca Bronze Berry Holiday Set. Before spotting this at Sephora I had never really paid too much attention to Becca, but now I'm hooked. This set retails for $45 and contains $90 worth of product, so it's a pretty good deal especially if you're new to the brand. Here are the goodies you'll get: Cream Blush Duo in Lotus (deep berry plum) and Frangipani (pink zinfandel shimmer), Eye Colour Duo in Shantung (antique bronze shimmer) and Lurex (silvery-gold champagne shimmer), Loose Shimmer Powder in Athena (golden shimmer), and Glossy Lip Tint in Grenadine (deep berry shimmer).

The cream blushes alone make this worth buying. Frangipani is a perfect shade that seems to go with anything, and Lotus is such a beautifully pigmented plum, you only need to use a tiny bit. Another standout is the lip gloss - it's sheer and shiny and lets you get away with berry lips without looking like a vampire who's just had a feeding.

Upon bringing this home I washed my face and started over with all the products in this set. What a pretty holiday face! Everything works well together and you end up with a glowy, sophisticated look that's eye-catching but not overdone. Since then I've used at least one item from this set every day. The only drawback is that the eyeshadows are tiny. And...the packaging reminds me slightly of manhole covers, but I really don't mind since the colors and textures inside are so gorgeous.

The Bronze Berry set is limited edition. Do not delay!