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Friday, December 16, 2005

Tracks of My Tears

This morning I had the unfortunate opportunity to test the endurance of various eye makeup products. I left the house wearing the following:

1. Nars eye shadow duo in All About Eve
2. Nars eyeliner pencil in Bamako
3. Maybelline Unstoppable eyeliner in Onyx
4. L'Oreal Full Definition Voluminous mascara in Blackest Black

About a mile into my commute, I was minding my business at a red light when an SUV attempted to pull out from behind me and get into the turn lane. Apparently he misjudged his position and had quite the lead foot, because he slammed into the back of my car, and then sped away (I got his plate number and filed a police report, and the bastard WILL PAY FOR THIS). I had about 2 seconds to jot down his plate number before reality set in and I started bawling like Sally Field in her Oscar speech.

Whimpering like a fool, I pulled over to take a peek at the few thousand dollars of damage sustained by my poor car. I then got back in and noticed a different kind of damage...the mascara had created black stripes on my face, and most of the black eyeliner ended up jammed in my tear ducts (although it claims to be waterproof, I think my Sally Field-esque tears were just too much for it to handle). Ewwww. Better get that cleaned up before the cops arrive.

The Nars shadow and liner stayed put, which was nice - but most of all I was happy that it was only my car and my eye makeup that were injured. I walked away from the accident unharmed and I am so incredibly grateful for that.

This of course ensures that I have the ability and energy to track down the guy who hit me, so I can spray him in the face with a rancid bottle of Electric Youth.