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Monday, January 02, 2006

2006 Beauty Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! New year, new beginnings! So here are my beauty resolutions for 2006:

1. Stop sleeping in my makeup. I am so lazy, even though it only takes about a minute to wash one's face or do a few swipes with eye makeup remover. A couple of years ago the opthalmologist took a good look at my eyes and saw some particles of mascara and eyeliner in there! So that has to stop. Makeup off before bed!

2. Sunscreen, always. I've always been pretty good with the sunscreen, since my skin and the sun really don't get along. But daily moisturizers with SPF have always tended to clog my pores, so for everyday use I've mostly just battled the sun with huge sunglasses. Thankfully though, the sunscreens in all Peter Thomas Roth products don't irritate me. These will be added to my arsenal in 2006.

3. Get moving on the eye cream. I am a big advocate of eye cream but my laziness usually prevents me from using it regularly. This will be the year that I will add it to my routine and stick to it. No eye wrinkles here. Prevention is better than a cure, right?

4. No more lip-picking. I think this is an inherited habit (thanks Mom!). The picking must stop this year! I will keep a coat of LipFusion XL on them to discourage me - at $50 per tube, I don't want to waste it by picking it off...

5. Use up my bath and body products. I have enough soaps, shower gels, and lotions to cleanse and moisturize the entire state of Texas. I resolve to use them up this year and stop buying new ones!

What are your beauty resolutions? Post them in the comments!