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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Runway Beauty: Gaultier

Matte skin, strong brows, nude lips, and black liquid eyeliner at Jean Paul Gaultier. This look is a perfect complement to Gaultier's Parisian-Grecian inspired collection. It's elegant, while the black winged eyeliner lends a classical, almost mythic touch. It reminds me a bit of the ads for Prada fragrance. However, this is another one that I think is better suited to Fall than to Spring.

Now this I just don't understand. What a beautiful shoe - a rhinestone serpent! Surely suited to an inhabitant of Mt. Olympus! But the foot, oh, the foot. How utterly hideous and gnarled. This reminds me of Cinderella's ugly stepsisters trying to shove their monstrous feet into the glass slipper.

Gaultier's people must have known that this standout shoe was going to be photographed, and should have put it on a model with presentable toes!

* UPDATE: OK, so I realize that the problem is that the shoe is too small for the foot, causing the toes to spill over the sides. Still, one must admit that this is not aesthetically pleasing in the least bit; they should have given her a different shoe, put this shoe on a different model, or gotten the right size!