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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Gorgeous Makeup at the Grammys

Eve. Sexy and elegant, with fresh, dewy cheeks and excellent use of false eyelashes. Eve has come a long way in her fashion evolution. It seems like so long ago that she was sporting the tomboy hair and scary street-girl fashion. Now if only she would laser off those silly claw tattoos...

Joss Stone. Teri Hatcher and Yolanda Adams' makeup artists should take a cue from Joss, who shows us that blue/green eyeshadows can look pretty when properly applied. The daisy in her hair is silly - too Drew Barrymore in 1995 - but her makeup is lovely and her hair is amazing.

Beyonce. When does she not look gorgeous? Mally Roncal, her makeup artist, has never sent Beyonce outdoors without good makeup. I am envious.

Christina Milian. Her dress was absolutely hideous - the bodice was all cutouts and twisty fabric, ombre-dyed to boot - but her makeup is sparkling and beautiful. Shimmering platinum shadow, pale pink lips, and like Eve, good use of false lashes for a dramatic eye.