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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Runway Beauty: Luella

Well, friends, Fall Fashion Week has arrived! And I am participating in the Fashion Week blogging festivities with Almost Girl, Fashiontribes, and a host of other fashionable luminaries. You can access all my runway beauty coverage here or by clicking the "Runway Beauty" link on the sidebar. So let's get to it! First up, Luella Bartley:

Alas, yet another case of dead-looking models with obvious undereye circles, lifeless lips, and pale cheeks. I wish this look would just go away - it reminds me too much of the "heroin chic" rampant in the late 90s.

But not on Daria Werbowy, no no. She could wear a full clown face and still make it look good. Welcome back, Daria. You make this all forgivable.