Abominable - Beauty Addict

Thursday, March 16, 2006


I have a confession to make.

Being a beauty addict and all, I have convinced myself that it is my personal mission to intrepidly test many, many products, whether they turn out to be good or bad. A very long time ago, when this particular brand was still new and "hot," I purchased several items from the dreaded Jessica Simpson Dessert Beauty collection. I soon found out that the scrub had the fragrance and consistency of melted Crayolas, and the body shimmer looked and smelled strangely like kitty litter if you let it settle too much.

I guess you can't win 'em all.

However...lately I have found myself sneaking swipes from my aging tubes of Dessert lip gloss (or, Deliciously Kissable Plumping Lip Fragrance Gloss, for adjective whores, or those who just like to use the full name). They are so sickly sweet that they're almost the equivalent of candy. And I kinda like them, in that secret way that you hoard things and stash them in the bottom of your purse where no one will ever see.

In case you share the same sick obession that I do - or if you really, really love Jessica Simpson - they are on clearance for $10 on sephora.com.