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Monday, March 27, 2006

Allure April: Fembots on the Cover, Prep School Chic, and Pink Eye

First impressions: Eva Longoria’s makeup looks way too much like that of Sheryl Crow on the cover of the February issue, though Eva’s was done by Gucci Westman and Sheryl’s by Scott Andrew.

I read somewhere that Cosmopolitan deliberately styles all their cover girls the same way – voluminous, wavy hair, similar makeup, similar outfits. Looks like Allure is beginning to do the same thing - picking a certain "cover look" and sticking to it - which is disappointing. A magazine about beauty should explore different expressions of it, no? Hopefully we'll see something different next month.

Love the navy eyeliner on p. 79, but Allure is a whole season behind on the runway looks. They’re still analyzing Spring, and we’ve already seen Fall ‘round these parts! Still, I think the navy is a trend worth picking up on; I may give it a try after I get tired of the purples.

Bobbi Brown Beach Shimmer Body Glow on p. 80 looks promising, as does the new fragrance from Jean Patou, Sira des Indes, on p. 90. There’s also a mention of the notoriously expensive new cosmetic line from Serge Lutens (p.88); I am still undecided on this because of the price, but the line does sound intriguing – worth at least a try!

Fashion Bulletin: preppy chic is back. We have been hearing this for the last five years, every spring, like clockwork. Personally, I do not care if they declare preppy “in” or out.” It is always “in” for me. As anyone who knows me can attest, I will never, ever give up my ribbon belts, polos, and Jack Rogers sandals.

Diane Kruger and her scary hairdos are in the Fashion Stakeout section. I could do without this. She has a long way to go before becoming a style icon.

Some things I love: the Juicy sunglasses on p. 118, and the Style 101 piece on shorts. Come on, warm weather! (And self-tanner, yep.) Also love the “Coming of Age” piece on p. 206. Michelle Pfeiffer, Demi Moore and Jenny from the Block have improved with age, but the pictures of Nicole Kidman chronicle her sad descent into Botox hell.

Finally, is Allure actually recommending coral pink eyeshadow for fair-skinned folk? (See p. 213.) I cannot imagine anything that would more strongly suggest a rabid bunny.

Overall, though, I think Linda Wells can come out of the Pit of Despair now. Anna Wintour, however, is still in there. More tomorrow.