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Friday, March 17, 2006

AllWomensTalk is a Blog Burglar

AllWomensTalk steals people's RSS feeds and publishes them as their own!

There, I got it out of my system. Here's the situation: several bloggers out there (including myself) made the unfortunate discovery that our work was being pilfered by a site called AllWomensTalk (don't even bother going there...they will see the incoming traffic as a victory for themselves). They stole our content without out permission or knowledge, then re-published it on their site and named each of us as contributors. Apparently the site owner is some guy in the Ukraine who has no knowledge of, or respect for, US copyright laws (one of the blogs in question is indeed copyrighted via the Library of Congress).

Not only that, their site is laden with ads, so they're making money off of us. We asked that our content be removed - first politely and then with more force - but were met only with mean-spirited sarcasm, flawed logic, and taunts.

They're still swiping my posts, so I figured I'd write this one and have it land right on their front page. I know it probably won't have any effect, but it will make me laugh, and that's good enough.

Most of us posted comments to the site, asking that our content be removed, and identifying our posts as content picked up from our sites without our knowledge or consent. Believe it or not, the comments have been removed, but not the stolen blog posts. They contend that our blogs are public content, yet we're not allowed to comment on our very own writing?

Intellectual property on the Internet is a hazy issue, but this is just bad business. If anyone has any ideas on how to tackle this, do let me know!