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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Desperately Seeking Dewy

Beauty Addict reader Lorie sends in this question:

"Lancome discontinued my favorite foundation called “Maquivelours.” It seems that as soon as I truly love some make-up item and how it makes my skin look dewy, etc., off it goes to the makeup Maker in the sky. Have you found anything that goes on creamy, stays creamy (does not turn matte) and offers that dewy look?

I was recently given a sample of Alexandra de Markoff foundation in a jar that was so convincingly creamy that I was “this” close to spending next month’s Hurricane Insurance premium for a jar…..then I got it home to use under “normal, let’s get dressed and made-up to go out mode”, and lo and behold, MATTE."

Unfortunately I am a terrible resource for foundation advice, as I don't wear any. However, I do know from my lovely friend Patti (aka Cavewoman, the guest blogger/primer expert at Blogdorf Goodman), that La Prairie Concealer Foundation fits the bill. Cavewoman has described it as "pretty, moist, and dewy" - exactly what Lorie is looking for.

Still, since I am but a novice on the subject, I will pose the question to you, friends. Post your favorite dewy foundations in the comments section!