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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Silly Celebrity Makeup of the Week

What is going on with Sharon Stone these days? She is so pretty, but somehow ends up looking horrific at every public appearance. This is her second appearance of late in my cavalcade of Silly Celebrity Makeup. Last time we had the aging prom queen on crystal meth, now we have the aging beauty pageant contestant after a lifetime of 2 packs of Virginia Slims a day and too much peroxide.

Notice the scary beige lipstick and the eyebrows that appear to wing frighteningly toward her hairline.

The funny thing is, when I look at this photo I don't even think of Sharon Stone at all. There's something about it that says to me, "If Nicole Kidman were to make a deal with the devil and hide a decaying portrait of herself in the basement - a la The Picture of Dorian Gray - it woud probably look something like this."