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Sunday, April 23, 2006

A Celebratory Shopping Trip

It is a gray and miserable day here in New York, and I am feeling the need to celebrate the 100,000 visitors with a little shopping trip. Specifically, I am hankering for a new Serge Lutens fragrance. Having recently procured a few samples, I fell in love with the following and am now debating which one to get today:

A La Nuit
Fleurs de Citronnier
Un Bois Vanille

If you are familiar with the Serges, which one do you think I should go for? I already own Daim Blond, Datura Noir, Chergui, and the new one, Gris Clair.

If you're not familiar with Serge Lutens, but you love perfume, let me know in the comments. If enough people are interested I will do a little post on Serge and his fragrances. I have found many of them to be truly great fragrances, to be cherished and enjoyed. They are great "special occasion" scents. So, let me know!