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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Misty, Aqua-Netted Memories

I was reading The Glitterati's review of Demeter Pick-Me-Up Spray in Laundromat over at her blog, Brain Spam, and it brought back some very strange memories.

In college I had the worst crush on this guy. He wasn't the hottest guy, wasn't overly charming, wasn't overly social, either. In fact, he was one of those aloof hipster loners. Nevertheless, I had a crush on him, and I think it was because I saw it as a challenge. He was so seemingly disinterested in not only women, but the entire world around him. Somehow this sweetened the deal for me.

One day after class he invited me out with him, for dinner or a movie or gelato or something - the details are inconsequential now. What matters is that on our way to our destination, we stopped at his friend's apartment, where I slipped into the bathroom to freshen up a bit. I was carrying a bottle of Demeter Laundromat in my purse (I really loved it at the time; as the Glitterati mentioned, I too thought its fresh-and-cleanness made it the perfect thing to spritz on when feeling tired and worn and gross at the end of the day).

I misted myself lightly and walked out of the bathroom, so excited for this dinner/movie/gelato/whatever.

The response I got was this:

"Kristen, did you just spray hairspray?"

My heart sank and I blanched. Maybe he wasn't as imperceptive as I thought, but this was a terrible way to find out. I denied the hairspray accusation.

"Haha, yes you did! I smell hairspray. You carry hairspray around in your purse, I knew it! That's so 80s." [Note: It was not the 80s. It was circa 2002.]

I never really felt the same about him after that day, although I recall that the subsequent dinner/movie/gelato was a pretty good time.

And the Demeter Laundromat went promptly in the trash!