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Thursday, April 20, 2006

A Must-Read for Beauty Addicts

Free Gift With Purchase: My Improbable Career in Magazines and Makeupby Jean Godfrey-June has just hit the market!

Godfrey-June is the beauty editor of Lucky magazine and has penned a memoir filled with dishy details of the beauty and fashion magazine world...including the some 200 product samples she receives daily, the bizarre personalities she's dealt with, and the truth behind actual product performance and sheer marketing hype.

Oh, to have 200 samples waiting for me at home every day!

Word on the streeet is that the book has more than a few cosmetic execs shaking in their boots, since it cuts down all sorts of product claims and exposes the lengths some will go to for a shot at placement in the magazine. But we think that in this case, all publicity is good publicity, and the book will only stir up more interest in cosmetics and their world of intrigue...and free stuff!