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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Oompa Loompas Need Not Apply

Well, friends, it's been nearly a week since I started using the Jergens Natural Glow Face Moisturizer - see my last post here - and I think it's high time to report the results!

First off, even though I am quite fair, I used the Medium shade (this product comes in Fair, Medium and Dark). I figured that the darker shade might accelerate the tanning process. I was looking mighty pale after lots of travel and long work hours, so I wanted to banish the ghostly complexion fast!

The Natural Glow has the consistency of any run-of-the-mill oil-free moisturizer; not too thick, not too thin. Let's just say it didn't feel as luxurious on my face as, say, Creme de la Mer. There was no detectable self-tanner reek, thank goodness. Like most self-tanners, this product is whitish, but doesn't leave any noticeable film or whitening on the face. It took a little longer than a regular moisturizer to settle in, but once it did, I applied my usual arsenal of cosmetics and left it alone.

After doing this for a few days - with a fresh application at night - I definitely see a difference. I don't look like George Hamilton, but I don't look like Jessica Simpson after a botched tanning job, either. My face just looks healthy, glowing, and sun-kissed. No orange! Hooray! I haven't noticed any streakiness, flaking, or unevenness around my hairline or jawline, either.

AND the Jergens didn't make me break out - which I'd been concerned about since I popped open the tube. My skin is finicky and doesn't always respond well to any old moisturizer, but this one didn't seem to irritate it.

With the discovery of this product, I think there will be a stash of bronzers idling away in my bathroom cabinet this summer!