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Monday, April 17, 2006

Pick Up Sticks

Four objects of desire for Spring:

Benefit Color Plump. Fat little lip pencils that plump, moisturize, and shade! When it comes to plumping, somehow I feel better supporting Benefit than Randi Shinder. The Color Plumps come in 3 pinky neutral shades, perfect for spring.

Smashbox Filter With Dermaxyl Complex. A clicky pen filled with the venerable Smashbox Photo Finish primer AND the new treatment ingredient, Dermaxyl, for wee little fine lines. The pen allows for more precise application...and, I must admit, it looks fun.

Tarte Rest Assured Brightening Wand. A nude pink liner to brighten up tired eyes - perfect for corners or lower rims after a rough night - and on the other end, a matching highlighter. Your coworkers will never know that you've been out on a "school night!"

DuWop Sub-Surface. A double-ended treatment product - more multitasking! More hiding of last night's activities! Woohoo! This one has a pre-concealer treatment that hydrates the delicate undereye area, and on the other end, an on-the-spot blemish treatment perfect for emergency application.

I intend to test all these items as soon as possible! Spring has sprung and it looks like the crop of new beauty products this season is going to be bountiful. Stay tuned...