Salvation - Beauty Addict

Monday, April 03, 2006


Last Friday evening I had my hair cut and highlighted; it had been far too long since I had seen the inside of the salon. My highlights had grown out so much that I was forced to wear my hair wavy to disguise the effect (those of you who saw me in the NY Times: did I fool you?).

Unfortunately, the bleach does tend to dry out the hair, and I knew I'd be getting on a plane the very next day, sure to dry out my locks even further. I scavenged around my stash of hair products for something to stave this off, and re-discovered Oscar Blandi Jasmine Oil Serum. I had purchased this a while ago but seem to have forgotten about it.

The Jasmine Oil Hair Serum is of a consistency similar to Fekkai Finishing Polish, Biosilk, or Chi Silk Infusion, but seems a bit thinner and more oily in the palm. After a little research I found out that the Serum does not contain any actual Jasmine Oil at all, but sweet almond oil, natural fragrance, and some silicones. I was anxious to see whether I would actually care about truth in advertising in this case. Jasmine oil in its pure form can be quite expensive and I was prepared to forgive Oscar Blandi for its exclusion, if the product did indeed perform.

Before leaving for the airport, I smoothed some of the Jasmine Oil Serum onto my hair, somewhat worried that it would turn it into a stringy mess (especially with the word "oil" in the name). But alas, it rendered it shiny and smooth and soft! The shine was the caliber of those girls in the Pantene commercials who toss their shimmering, flowing hair about their shoulders. I was impressed. It was shinier and more lightweight than any other serum or shine spray I've tried.

Upon arrival in Munich my hair was still in amazing shape. No dryness, no flyaways, no oily-bedraggled-slept-in look. I used a little more when I arrived at the hotel, and then ran the flat iron through it, but it just seemed to soak right in and add more shine. I've experienced "overdose" with Chi, Fekkai, and Biosilk, when you suddenly realize you've used too much product and your hair looks terribly unwashed, but none of that happened with the Jasmine. In fact, I am almost embarrassed to admit that on the third day, I was reluctant to wash my hair, because it still seemed so fresh, shiny, and free of buildup.

Nevermind the actual jasmine; this serum is a winner, friends!