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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Silly Celebrity Makeup of the Week

She may not be the biggest celebrity now, but my money is on this girl becoming a household name pretty soon, because she hangs around with newsmakers and trendsetters, and, as evidenced here, she does/wears things that encourage picture-taking.

Her name is Cory Kennedy and she is on the road to becoming some sort of present-day hipster-artsy-club-kid-muse like Edie Sedgwick or Nico.

Nevertheless, her makeup is horrific. She looks like an extra from Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video who left the shoot and forgot to take off the makeup. Someone needs to tell her that the green racing stripe across the eyes is not appropriate for a daytime birthday party held at a theme park. Even if said birthday party is in honor of Joe Francis, creator of Girls Gone Wild.

Jared Leto has also experimented with this look, and although he used a silver stripe, the results were equally horrendous.

Cory is pictured here with Mark "The Cobra Snake" Hunter, who has been instrumental in her nascent stardom/clubbing/weirdness.

photo: John M. Heller/gettyimages