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Friday, June 16, 2006

Estee Lauder High Gloss: 14 Shades of Awesome

If you hang around the beauty blogs regularly, you probably already know about High Gloss, the fab new lip gloss from Estee Lauder - it's been featured on Blogdorf Goodman, Product Girl, and eBeautyDaily.

And now you're going to hear about it here, too. Because it really is that good!

The lip gloss market is a fun one to watch. It seems like there's a new launch almost every week, with companies trying to top each other for the best shine, the best texture, the best staying power, the best scent, the best flavor. Treatment ingredients, light-reflecting particles, plumpers, aromatherapy, more, more more!

But all the hoopla falls by the wayside when the product gets on your lips. Does it look good? Well, then that's all that counts. And High Gloss really delivers.

High Gloss has been spreading like wildfire around the Beauty Addict household. Four tubes have already disappeared from the stash, spirited away by friend, mother, aunt and cousin. The reason? High Gloss is incredibly shiny, is packed with itty-bitty particles of subtle shimmer, feels great on the lips, and smells divine. The squeeze-tube applicator with slant tip makes application nearly impossible to screw up, and the colors are sheer enough to wear over lipstick but pigmented enough to make an impression on their own.

All 14 colors in the line are gorgeous, but my personal favorites are Honey (golden champagne), Rose (dusty pink with gold shimmer), and Amethyst (shimmering lilac/violet).

This is yet another impressive new product from Lauder, which has brought us some of the most talked-about launches in recent months - notably, the Tom Ford Youth Dew Amber Nude and Azuree collections.

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